Cory Williams' Race Report from CBR #1

January 28, 2011 0 Comments

First race back and I'm already having problems. When I got to the start line I was missing one of the pads in my back brake.

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Cleat Positioning

January 05, 2011 0 Comments

If you're like most cyclists, you are probably aware (sometimes painfully so) that there are only three main contact points between your body and the bicycle.

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The Legacy of the Aerobar

December 23, 2010 0 Comments

Used by triathletes as early as 1987, the most notable first use of the Aerobar occurred with Greg LeMond in the (1989) Tour de France.

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The Custom Insole

December 02, 2010 0 Comments

At Predator, we started on our custom insole because of a problem in our fit lab. We noticed that no matter what we did,

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Leather Bar Tape

October 14, 2010 0 Comments

Just a quick note to let you all know that we finally have our Team-Edition Bar Tape in at the shop.

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Some Off-Season Sprinting

September 07, 2010 0 Comments

Just a little video of us having some fun on our local club rides. The first sprint is the

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Track Low Drag BB-Testing

July 24, 2010 0 Comments

As most of you know there are very little options when it comes to Track Bottom Brackets. So we took it upon ourselves to trick what

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Custom Carbon Aero Bars

July 02, 2010 0 Comments

We at Predator have been thinking about making aero bars for some time now and finally got around to building a prototype.

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Number Holders Are Done!

June 10, 2010 0 Comments

I'm very happy to announce that our 8 gram carbon fiber race number mounts are ready to ship out!

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