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Genius Water Bottle Cage

Our lightweight Genius water bottle cage boasts a super sturdy and unique design that cradles your bottle in the tight arms of a Predator product.


- 20 grams

- Non-corrosive coating

- Generative, AI-driven design (the computers are learning)

- Toughened 3D Print by Predator in the USA

- Elasticity for optimal grip


The Genius Water Bottle Cage

There are material science ideologies at play for this product. Predator believes our isotropically designed and simulated 3D print cages can rival the strength and weight objectives of competing carbon fiber cages. We set out to design the most dynamic and functional cage by splitting the difference between weight and durability with the benefit of a monster grip!

Computer-assisted Topology

The computers are at it again. We love to simulate here at Predator, so we decided to put our systems to work to create an AI-driven, generatively constructed water bottle cage. Our intent is to create a load-sensitive cage, designed with weight and structural integrity in mind. Parting from our regular carbon composite manufacturing methodologies, we've decided this component was best intended for 3D print construction.

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