The Lead Out

Here is a video that we shot a few weeks ago on the Sunday morning Nichols ride. I wasn’t feeling so great on the climb, so it was going to be cutting it close to make the regroup at Skirball. Fortunately CJ waited for me at the top of one of the climbs. He helped me get to the regroup but we didn’t quite make it— missed the group by about a minute. We blasted down Sepulveda as fast as 2 sprinters can (which admittedly is pretty fast) and caught the group with about 7k to go. It took a few miles, but we worked our way to the front and waited for the sprint. The rest is all on video!

I have to hand it to the guys, I didn’t have much left in my legs but after a monster lead out like that I had to give it a shot! Daniel dropped off at around 42mph, CJ dropped me off at just over 49mph and I crossed the line at just over 51mph! I definitely didn’t know I had that kind of effort in me!

And just in case you were wondering, yes it’s the same CJ that builds all of the Predator carbon components with me!

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