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Road Bike

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Product Description

100% custom carbon fiber road bike frame, built by hand in Southern California.

Built to order. Lead time approximately 10-12 weeks.

The Predator Road frame is all about speed, strength, stiffness and lightweight carbon. Featuring a Pressfit BB30 bottom bracket shell, optional 1.125″ to 1.5″ integrated tapered head tube, and an integrated 34.9 (OD) seat mast, our road frames rival all other high end competitors. Predator Cycling is one of the first bicycle manufacturers in the world to use a 3D carbon lay-up in all of the joints. We call this our “Trifecta” process, which uses the highest grades of raw carbon fiber and the finest military-spec epoxies that we can put our hands on. Each joint is laid with three different types of bond—one on top of each other—which is what gives the frame its strength and durability. The Predator Road frame features both chemical and mechanical bonds in every single joint, maximizing the stiffness, while allowing for a lighter frame weight. Get your new custom road frame today and ride a Predator.

Super Slim Head Tube

Our super slim, hourglass shaped, head tube reduces drag more than 30% over the front of the frame.  Using 1 ⅛ to 1 ½ steerer tubes, the RF20 head tube, increases braking performance and front-end stiffness.


A balance of comfort and performance. Made to ride.

This 1st generation custom road frame is a true aero bike made for real world riding. We've studied data-driven simulation results, CFD and generative, as well as fabric layup optimization to create the most efficient frame on the road. The RF20 is the accumulation of 20 years of fiercely passionate design and technological research.

Lead Times: 8-12 weeks



The RF20 uses a proprietary aluminum shell BB that adheres to the standard BB386 bearing and spacing system. We've manufactured a custom aluminum housing that creates a symmetrical concentricity throughout the BB, allowing for parallel accuracy and less chatter.

Integrated "pre-load" spacers placed between each bearing help eliminate crank pre-load forces. Even more, we've designed custom "contact free" bearing seals that are meticulously measured in relation to crank and bearing faces. These seals provide extra protection from dirt and grime as well as eliminate wind drag within the BB system.


Our designers incorporated two individually shaped, yet complimentary chainstays. Our drive side chainstay maintains size and mass for maximum stiffness and power transfer.

The non-drive side chainstay measures wide throughout, and maintains torsional load reaction from chain movement, road impact, and brake performance.  

Refined Dropout System

The RF20 incorporates the standard 142 x 12 thru-axle system.

As strong as carbon fiber is, it still can be a victim to repeat abrasion. The headache of removing a wheel that has contact with the frame can create weakened fibers. We've purposefully designed the RF20 dropout so that the hub and skewer always make contact with a metal part. The hub locater point is a CNC'd metal part, allowing for consistent and reliable wheel removal and replacement.

Personally, we dislike the ugliness of exposed skewers, so we've created a custom, hollowed, ultra-light (32 grams) thru-axle that lines up flush with both frame dropouts.

Flat Mount Disc Brakes

The RF20 utilizes a 140mm direct mount disc brake found standard in current high-end industry bicycles. Our chainstay system is designed and simulated purposefully to accommodate for the loads applied for disc brake calipers and rotors.

Aero Seat Post

Designed to compliment the RF20 all-around design, the seat post boasts a slim, aero-foiled shape. Simulated for both wind and maximum weave orientation, our seat post replicates the thoughtful construction used throughout the frame to enhance the comfort and stiffness our riders expect.

Carbon Fiber Materials

Our frames are all hand-laid with pre-impregnated uni-directional, short and long strand, and biaxial braided sleeves. Standard and Hi-Modulus carbon fibers are offered for custom layup options. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to identify where they want to apply structural integrity and weight savings.

Available Geometries

Our RF20 is intended to align with the riding styles from everyday cyclists to pro-athletes. We offer a broad range of frame sizes to fit a majority of our riders. We also encourage those with special geometry requests to work with our team to customize your frame for a proper fit.

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