Team Bike

This year we wanted to put out a Team bike.  So we started talking with our boys and designed what we thought the best all around SoCal bike should look like.  We wanted to make a bike that would really perform in the Crits we have here.  The Predator Team bike is a version of our Road that was over built. Starting with our stiffest carbon tubing we went out to design the Team bike. We went with over sided 50.5mm carbon down tube and a 51mm head tube that is set up with a zero stack top and an 1.5″ bottom we fit it with a tapered fork. That paired with an integrated seat tube we really worked hard to tied it all together.   After about a year of playing with the BB30 we are now ready to implement it into this bike.  We also happened to put some nice over sided chain stays to finish her off.  All that being said we still need to make sure she rides good over the bad roads so we used carbon seat stays to help keep hear riding soft.  As you guys can tell we really worked hard on making this a STIFF bike.  This was our first team bike and we set the bar pretty high for the next one!