Carbon Repair

Predator Cycling is your source for carbon repair. Broken, busted, cracked, nicked, chipped, or severed, we’ve seen it all and we can usually fix it. We specialize in bicycle frames, ISPs (integrated seat posts) and wheels (not including the brake tracks).


Why do cyclists come to us for carbon repair?

Because day in and day out, we build and repair carbon what we know best – carbon fiber.  We use only high quality materials for your repairs and offer fair and competitive pricing.  We are centrally located in Los Angeles, however if that is out of your way, you can always follow the 3 step process to your right to send in your carbon fiber bike. We have never had a bike come back after having been repaired at our shop, and we offer a lifetime non-transferable warranty to back it up. Some bikes even leave our shop stronger than the day they were purchased.


Here’s what you do.

If you have a frame in need of carbon repair, follow our 3-step process to your right. Carbon repairs take around 2 weeks after we have received your bike.  If you are interested in rush service  or want to ask a question about the carbon repair process, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (310) 829-6464. If you have any other questions you can take a look at our FAQ page.

3-Step Carbon Repair Process

01Tell Us About Your Frame
Submit the Carbon Repair form, attach photos and we’ll get back to you with a quote and a shipping label within 2 business days.


02Ship Your Bike
Use the shipping label to send in your bike, we’ll send you a finalized price after we get our hands on it, and can take a proper look.


03The Fix
We’ll get the bike fixed up within 2 weeks of its’ arrival. (Rush service is available for an additional charge.) Your invoice is now due, upon payment, we’ll ship your bike back to you.

Carbon Repair Form

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Sep 24, 2013 by Alfred

Seatstay cracked from a crash I had from one of the crits about a month ago. This is my second go around with Predator and I was very pleased the first time. Aram and Matt was a pleasure to deal with. Will definitely send people their way for future work! Thanks for all the hard work!

Seat stay repair

Aug 20, 2013 by Bryan N

There are a handful of shops that can do carbon repair and I decided to go with Predator. After talking to Aram and Matt, I could see that they were pretty cool guys and knows what they were doing. Dropped the bike off on Monday and received a call on Wednesday saying that the bike was done! I was like WTF?? The repair was flawless, if you didn't know what to look for it would've been hard to tell it was repaired. They somehow had the same carbon pattern that was on my bike. I'm very impress with the quality of work and knowledge of the people at this shop. Thanks again guys!!

head tube carbon repair

Jun 15, 2013 by andy S

fedex tossed my giant advance carbon around and put a nice crack in the top part of the head tube and dented the inner metal bearing seat. I brought it in to predator and in under a week not only was the crack repaired but the bearing seat had been made round again! the repair was very cleanly done and I'm very pleased!

quick turnaround

May 19, 2013 by John Bonneville

Aram and his crew are, did an amazing job. I think shipping took longer then the repair job. Looking at my jamis bike you can not tell where the repair was done from the a distance until you look at it closer. As I just had a clear coat to speed up the process. I am very happy with the repair as I thought it would take longer. As the Frame had more chips and cracking on the seat tube. As mention before don't hesitate to send your bike to them!

Solid repair

Apr 30, 2013 by Jared

When I saw the damage on my son's mountain bike, I thought we'd have to replace the rear stays, take the bike apart, and he'd miss a race. Predator did a fine job without removing the part and provided a quick turn around. The repair looks good and shows no issues after several months.

Carbon Mods

Apr 11, 2013 by Dan Martin

Aram, and his guys are awesome, they did a few delicate mods on my Carbon De Rosa. They are the ONLY shop I would trust, no second chances with a carbon frame, you only have one shot to do it right. Can't recommend these enough.

Best in the biz

Nov 24, 2012 by Kevin

Aram and his crew are, flat out, the best in the biz. When an airline crushed my top of the line frame, Aram make swift work of it. I didn't even think carbon could be repaired in the state it was in. But when I got it back, I could barely tell where the frame was fixed. I was stunned at the quality. Don't hesitate to send your bike to them!

Fantastic Carbon Repair

Oct 25, 2012 by Wade

Gotta give it to Aram and his crew. They fixed my Trek Madone 5.2 after TSA damaged my seat stay. After Trek would give me 20% a new frame($2K) as a \"loyal customer\" and being discouraged by the local shop where I bought it from, I decided to repair it. Got it back yesterday sooner than expected and put it through the test on some hills in my was strong and held up. Decided not to do finishing/painting on it, looks cook like battle scares but its functional. Thanks Aram, and crew. Repair works especially these guys.

Custom Tandem

Oct 21, 2012 by Chris DeMarchi

These guys did a fabulous job on my custom Carbon Tandem. The back end is super stiff and can hold alot of weight with a tremendous amount of power on the pedals. Thank you so much for stoking out my bike. I am a customer for life!!

Repaired My Bosberg

Oct 16, 2012 by Kyle Johnston

My Ritte Bosberg became a casualty at a local Crit. The rear right seat stay was smashed and cracked clean through. Aram turned my frown upside down and made it new again in record time. As luck would have it, I broke it again in a different place... I knew where to go. The days of throwing away cracked carbon frames are over. Long live Predator.

Carbon Repair

Oct 16, 2012 by SC

Wouldn\'t trust the carbon repair of my son\'s race bike to just anyone who says they are carbon friendly. Aram and crew have the race heritage and experience so they fixed it right the first time. So my son is back to racing, and we don\'t have to worry that what\'s under the paint isn\'t right.

A Strong End

Oct 15, 2012 by R.J.C.

My carbon wheels use to sit in the corner cracked out. Didn't want to ride, didn't want to get any fresh air, and was just collecting dust. There was no where to roll with it. No shine of life left. The end was near.
Just as the wheels were about to meet it's widow-maker, threads of carbon fiber life shined through the opportunistic doors.
The wheels went in for a diagnostic- the article of problematic cracks were far beyond what I expected. There was nothing left to do but to let the expertise of Predator Cycling do their "magic".
Just a few weeks later, I received news that the wheels were going to be better than ever- far beyond the structural integrity than it had originally. New spokes (a fine recommendation of spokes and nipples by Aram) , new carbon, and a new life.
The wheels were great, Much stiffer than they were originally. I promised myself not to use the wheels on a daily bases rendering the fact that the streets of L.A. aren't the smoothest. But, I couldn't help myself.
Overall, these refurbished wheels helped spark a glow of new light on my favorite hobby. Not only were these wheels stiff and smooth, but they were so strong, that it took a truck to end their, what was once, new life. I guess some things were just too good to be in this world.

Carbon Repair

Oct 15, 2012 by Missy Erickson

As if Aram and his crew hasn't saved my life a few times, he saved my Mavic track disc within two days, and I was racing on it a day later. The disc was delaminating over 1/3 of the rim, and the tire was completely falling off. The disc was recovered and completely balanced and made even stronger than it was when it was new. I've been racing on it all year, and haven't had a single problem. It's perfect. Couldn't have asked for better care of my carbon equipment. I'll come back for anything. I have complete trust in Aram and his crew. Can't wait for my custom carbon bars! Thanks Predator!


Oct 11, 2012 by Andy

The guys at Predator have literally saved my life TWICE in the last year. Once they got my broken bike back up and running in between race weekends! And the second time was during track nationals they literally came in at 10pm to do a emergency repair on my shoe buckle so I could get up and race at 6am the next morning! Talk about dedication and customer service to the MAX! I owe so much to those guys. Thanks Predator, for everything you do!

Predator Cycling 323-418-2726 2834 Colorado Ave Unit 57 Santa Monica CA, 90404 USA 5.0 5.0 14 14 Seatstay cracked from a crash I had from one of the crits about a month ago. This is my second go around with Predator and I was very pleased the first time. Aram and Matt was a