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 You define yourself by your bike. We define you by your potential. Ride Predator.

2020 | New Tech | Road Frame Launch

After three years of intense redesign and testing Predator Cycling™ is ready to launch the new RF20 frame. The design and manufacturing process was celebrated and shared at both the 2018 and 2019 Autodesk University software and networking convention in Las Vegas, NV.

2017 | Hello Nashville | Company Move

Predator Cycling™ leaves California for Tennessee. Equipped with a brand new shop space, Predator continues product design while lending its hand to consultation in the medical, automotive, and defense industries.

2016 | Re-imagined 3D Design | Olympic Debut

Our design workflow takes a monumental step forward using 3D design and print in conjunction with CNC routing. Additive and subtractive manufacturing unites to create superior function. Custom handlebar, The Major Pilot, is released in Sept. 2016. Within .06mm tolerance, these one-piece bars are molded to maximize strength in handling, weighing in in at <250 grams.  Our handlebars are ridden by USA track cyclist Bobby Lea in the Rio Olympics.

2015 | Milestones | 10 Years & New Partnerships

We celebrate 10 years of business & a location move to Canoga Park, CA for fabrication. Predator Cycling™ expands beyond bikes with custom design for 3rd party vendors. Clients include Autodesk, Inc. and Action Vehicle.

2014 | Streamlined Tech | CNC Routers & DIY Kits

Robots take over. We use CNC routing & design code for new custom components. The Razorback number holder is redesigned. DIY hits the shelves! We release a fully-equipped at-home repair kit for customers interested in cost-friendly repair options.

2013 | Team Predator | Elite Cycling

Race day! "Team Predator Cycling Carbon Repair" cruises into the top rankings with our elite racing team for the '13-'14 season. All team members ride on repaired frames.

2012 | Cracked Frame? | Carbon Repair

Customers show interest in salvaging frames. We begin to offer carbon repair services in-store and mail-in nationwide. We launch the very first online repair form & photo upload system for mail-in, now a bike industry standard.

2011 | Website Launch | The Major Debuts unveils its first web store and continually adds new product. We release our first one-piece carbon fiber handlebar system, The Major.

2009 | The Abbot | Custom Cruiser

The Abbot, our first production run of 35 aluminum frames are released. Manufacturing becomes our main focus, along with a location move to Santa Monica, CA. We discontinue retail sales and realign with full custom carbon fiber frame builds.

2008 | Brick & Mortar | First Store

We launch our first store and open our doors in Venice, CA. We serve as a local high-end custom frame builder, parts store, and Bikefit studio.

2005 | Conceptualization Begins | Founding

Predator Cycling, Inc. is founded by 18 year old Aram alongside his mother, Seza. Aram designs and builds from his home.

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