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Cleat Angle Adapter Pack

*Compatible with Shimano SPD-SL System*

The basic fundamentals of cycling include passion, training, skillset, and equipment. An often overlooked element of cycling is how the cyclist physically fits on a bike. A professional bike fit can assess any issues a cyclist may be experiencing including knee, hip, or back pain. 

By introducing Cleat Angle Adapters, a cyclist can correct any alignment issues caused by foot or cleat instability experienced during pedal rotation. The benefits of cleat correction are that a cyclist can alleviate incorrect power and weight distribution throughout their pedal stroke and vastly increase their foot control and movement efficiency. Cleat Angle Adapters eliminate painful riding and boost power output.

Our adapters are 3D printed from a highly-isotropic (same value when measured in different directions) and toughened material. The 3D printed Cleat Angle Adapters have comparable material characteristics to injection molded ABS plastics, in that they provide durable flexibility for repetitive force (pedal stroke). 

Our Cleat Angle Adapters are designed and manufactured in-house in Nashville, TN USA. We've designed our adapters to match the surface area for optimal power transfer from shoe to cleat. The 1 degree and 2 degree angles are designed and printed directly into the adapter, as opposed to other products that stack multiple wedges, thus increasing their stacks heights and angle inaccuracies.

How do I measure my foot? Click here for instructions.

What is included in the Cleat Angle Adapter Pack?

(2)- 2 degree adapters

(2)- 1 degree adapters

(2)- 12mm torque screws

(4)- 14mm torque screws

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