What Our Customers Are Saying About Us...

Best in the biz:

Aram and his crew are, flat out, the best in the biz. When an airline crushed my top of the line frame, Aram make swift work of it. I didn’t even think carbon could be repaired in the state it was in. But when I got it back, I could barely tell where the frame was fixed. I was stunned at the quality. Don’t hesitate to send your bike to them!

Kevin Mansker



The guys at Predator have literally saved my life TWICE in the last year.  Once they got my broken bike back up and running in between race weekends!  And the second time was during track nationals they literally came in at 10pm to do a emergency repair on my shoe buckle so I could get up and race at 6am the next morning!  Talk about dedication and customer service to the MAX!  I owe so much to those guys.  Thanks Predator, for everything you do!

Andy Lakatosh

The perfect tweaks:


I’ve been riding bikes for a while without ever having been fit. For the most part my position has been comfortable and efficient for me. When I decided to get a bike fitting done by Aram I viewed it as a long term investment. I’m healthy now but small issues will get worse and I wanted to check everything out. With Aram’s corrections I not only feel smoother and faster in my pedal stroke but I am confident I am protecting my knees from future injury.

Austin Horse
Charlie is clearly amused

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We Have Moved! Predator Cycling has MOVED to a NEW Location! We are located at 8900 Eton Avenue, Unit E Canoga Park, California 91304