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Think about the phrase "Industrial Fabrication"

Predator's 5D Manufacturing Methodology


Frame design begins with a shape. Utilizing Autodesk Fusion 360, we manipulate hard geometry points with creative T-spline surfaces to achieve frame body constructions. Generative design and AI technology propels the evolution of form vs. function. An idea is formulated and ready for simulation analysis.


Model assemblies moved into composite layup analysis, structural integrity testing, and frame manipulation diagnosis. Real-live results allow for quick and precise insight into how our frames perform in actual riding elements.

Data Log

From frame design to customer sales, our frames are all serialized and monitored in an A to Z data logging server. Beyond simulation data, frames are physically tested using custom built "Smart Factory" machines. Materials used, cure cycles, fatigue and bench mark testing, and sale points are all monitored via independent serial numbers and cloud logged in real time; all the while being automatically checked and compared to set simulation results. Predator truly believes in an Industry 4.0 methodology and we've worked hard to build our one-of-a-kind process.


Do, make, mold, build, ride, drive...

Predator genuinely puts 100% into every frame. Beyond design, our shop physically cuts, pours, presses, molds, de-molds, assembles, and rides our frames. CNC manufacturing, bladder and mold construction, carbon layup, and cure systems are all done in-house. 


Predator Cycling™ is committed to providing our customers with the most advanced and cutting-edge quality available in bicycle frame technology. We offer a seamless online sales portal and bike builder for each customer to dream up their bike and as always, we are more than happy to answer questions, assist in component selection, and help you build your next ride!

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