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    • Stop right here. If you’re looking for the stiffest one-piece bar/stem combo on the market, you’ve found it. Introducing the Major Road, handmade in-house with care by the Predator Cycling staff. Full-carbon fiber construction, sub-400 gram weight, with Kevlar layers and then wrapped in high modulus carbon to dampen road vibration. Did we mention unparalleled stiffness? This bar is molded in one piece, allowing continuous fiber placement, reducing flex, and maximizing rider output. 100% made in the USA from design to construction. Make it yours, today!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Had Aram bond my Schmolke bar to a MCFK stem, came out to only 210g total, and STILL the stiffest lightweight bars I’ve ever laid hands on! Build quality & carbon finish is stunning. Knowledgable, talented, and considerate. Thanks again Aram & Nissy!

    Eric Bennett
    Absorbs Bumps

    By far the best handlebar I have ever ridden. Really absorbs the bumps on the road while being the stiffest, most compliant handlebar out there! Well worth the money. The last handlebar/stem you’ll ever need to buy!

    Daniel Ramsey
    Quicker Response

    First off, I have been racing for years and I have used lots of equipment from numerous companies. When I first got the majors I was riding an aluminum/carbon bar/stem combo and was never quite satisfied. There was always a little too much flex in the front end and a delayed reaction time when turning. The day I put the bars on it was a life changing experience! My bike responded much more quickly to each subtle movement and there was no flex in the steering column. I even had better shock absorption from the Kevlar that was used heavily on my gold bars (no gold paint just gold from the Kevlar wrap). I was able to get out and do a few descents and had the fastest times I have ever done. I was 30 seconds faster on my Latigo descent and I was 15 seconds faster on my old to panga descent. In criteriums I was also able to corner more comfortably and with more confidence. If you really want to improve your performance and truly buy something that works, put your money into these and you will thank me for the recommendation.

    Cory Williams
    Easier Sprint

    I have to admit that the Major’s are the best handlebars that I have ever got my hands on. They are really stiff which makes it easier to sprint and go through corners at a really high speed. Not only are they stiff but they are some of the coolest looking bars out. My Major’s are stiff, good looking, and fast just how I like it.

    Bud Abille

    I had the privilege of trying out some of these bars for an event in NorCal last month and am happy to say that I haven’t taken them off my bike since. the work done to build these is very detailed, yet flawless. the craftsmanship definitely shows. whether i’m climbing hills, sprinting for strava segments, or even bunny hopping pot holes, they have withstood the test of time and remain the strongest and stiffest bars i’ve ridden. i too am reluctant to go back to the normal cockpit, so i think i may have to get another set for my other bikes soon.

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