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Feed Zone Cycling Podcast

We’re always interrupting our lunch hour by discussing cycling races, products, and news…so we decided to mic up the shop and share our zany knowledge with the rest of the bike community. We don’t claim to know everything about anything, but we sure try :) .  Aram lives and breathes cycling and bike building. Courtney's naivety towards anything with wheels somehow sparks a thirst in the gang to educate. Seza, the shop mom, has lessened her time around the place but you can still find her cleaning up after us yahoos on Saturday afternoons.


So, who are our podcast round table regulars?

Aram Goganian: Creator, owner, and all-around pretty face of Predator Cycling. Aram has raced track since he was a wee little boy and continues to speed around SoCal on his own hand-made custom Predator carbon bicycle. Aram loves cycling, salads, and putting his feet up.

Seza Ouzounian: Creator of Aram Goganian. This woman keeps the shop in order. Is it time to run the vacuum? Seza will let you know. As Aram’s longest supporter, Seza keeps Predator Cycling’s vision afloat. If you’ve called the shop, you’ve more than likely spoken with her and are probably already life long friends.

Courtney Bresler: Wife of Aram and somehow became a bike shop minion. If you hear a basic bicycle question it’s probably coming from her. If you see a red head that looks out of place at the shop lightly sanding down bikes, it’s probably her. Likes: Riding stoker on the tandem. Dislikes: Pedaling. 

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