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    You don't have to spend too much time around Predator before you figure out that we rarely stop tinkering. The latest product of this tinkering yielded a brand new version of our Major handlebar the TK1 Custom Handlebar ! Built due to popular demand (we received many requests from racers and local pros) this latest iteration is special version based on the Felt TK1 stem system. The These TK1 custom handlebar are, by far, the most difficult Major system we've built, but when you're sweating hundredths and thousandths of seconds, it takes some serious hair-splitting to take the next step. Predator's Major TK1 custom handlebar system sets a new bar (ha! get it?) for stiffness, while allowing us reducing the overall weight of the entire system. Our TK1 Custom Handlebar not only improves stiffness, but front-end feel as well. Because we've elevated the stiffness of the bar so significantly, the rider is able to perceive the placement of the bike underneath them.  A whole new level of confidence is possible—in or out of saddle. Simply put, it's a track racer's dream. Currently, we plan to offer several different versions. An Enduro version that will adhere to all UCI regulations—specifically the "3:1" rule and the "5cm past the front hub" rule. In the Enduro bar, we are able to build a bar that is not only supremely stiff but also extremely lightweight.  Additionally, the Enduro version of the Major handlebar will support the "Cameron Meyer" position. We've built original for a US Enduro rider, Cody O'Reilly.  There will also be a Sprinter's version that uses a "sprint" bar shape that is even stiffer and optimized for riding in the drops. Every Major is built specifically for the rider—it's one of the features that makes Predator different. EVERY single bar. One by one. Built by hand. Right here in SoCal. Predator is currently accepting pre-orders for the TK1 Custom Handlebar system. Call today to place an order for yours (310) 829-6464. Ordering information for the standard Major handlebar can be found here.

    Aram Goganian
    Aram Goganian

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