Canada VS USA #2

February 07, 2012 0 Comments

This past weekend there was the 2nd Canada VS USA race at the Home Deport Center Velodrome. The race was the put together by Adam Duvendeck the newly appointed Velo Sports Center Manager. This is a new position for Adam and he is doing a great job, some of the best race I have seen at the Velodrome, keep it up Adam! Team USA didn't have much of a shot against Canada but we put up a fight. None of the USA riders won the first round against Canada. It ended up being Trinidad VS Canada in the finals. The two fighting for it were Travis Smith and Njisane Phillip, these two got some crazy skills. Travis just got back form an injury not too long ago and getting stronger everyday Njisane is young, strong and getting smarter and faster every day. It could have gone to ether one of them. I did this little video on my iphone so it a little shaky. Hope you enjoy it!

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