The New Team Bike: Repaired bikes are not second class citizens

January 23, 2013 0 Comments

Team Predator, Predator's elite cycling team rides 2nd generation repaired carbon fiber bicycles, equipped with Vision Wheels, FSA cranks, brakes and seat posts, Shimano components and saddle bags by SciCon. When it came to furbishing Predator Cycling's new 2013 elite team, Team Predator, instead of taking the traditional route and building team members all new bikes, we decided to reuse damaged, discarded bikes, repair the carbon and have the team ride on refurbished frames.  Here at Predator Cycling we have always had the reputation of taking pride in our work, we use the best quality material, and uphold a high standard that extends to our carbon fiber repair work. Predator set out to find damaged bikes that fit the team members specifications, we weren't on the lookout for bikes that were put out to pasture too early because of a little superficial crack, more like bikes with entire sections missing, tubes gone, totally crashed, destroyed, the worse the adjective, the better.  All that for the thrill of not only repairing a disposed frame, but for the possibility of a team member successfully mounting said frame to victory. The damaged carbon frames were all good quality models from high end major manufacturers, the salvaged bikes were repaired, sanded, stripped and repainted in team colors.  The finished fleet looks and rides like new.  The bikes have already been distributed to the new elite team,  and a few will be participating in races in the next couple of weeks. Carbon bikes can get damaged, it happens, and in order to properly repair it, expertise is required. Hidden damage is not always easily detected by the untrained repairer. Here at Predator we have enough confidence in our work to actually have our elite team solely ride bikes repaired by us, the decision was not financial, as you probably know, we are primarily a carbon fiber bike manufacturer, and could have easily built the bikes ourselves, but we opted for an unconventional route as a testimonial to the quality of our repair work.

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