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  • Episode 003: Daniel Ramsey Stops In for Free Pizza at Predator Cycling


    The Predator gang regroups from this past week's illnesses to wrap up the Predator sponsored Kierin Classic, discuss Dion Smith (ex-Predator Cycling elite team racer) as "Fan Favorite" at the Tour of Utah, and shake their heads at Nissy's traveling mishaps at Track Nationals. We're joined by ex-pro U.S. racer and over all pretty boy Daniel Ramsey. Other than this Italian's love for pizza, Dan also discusses his Pro Cycling Coaches business. utilizes a web-based software program that allows clients to track training rides and develop personal endurance goals. Quite a nifty idea in our opinion. Pardon the multiple interruptions in this episode, but Aram was working hard on selling one of his personal custom bikes to a walk-in customer. The gang eavesdrops in on this riders Felt / Trek / Predator frame dilemma. Obviously, there's no question for us. Ride a Predator. Aram also hints at a future shop remodel, allowing for us to streamline some new ideas...a.k.a kick our butts into gear. He's working on a new custom Tri-Bike and very soon all of our custom Predator bikes should be 99% made all in-house. We're gettin' inventive all up in here. 

    Aram Goganian
    Aram Goganian

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