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Our Customer Story: Lenovo and Predator's Innovative Partnership

We recently had the pleasure of teaming up with Lenovo, the powerhouse behind the hardware used by us in accelerating the design, simulation, and release of our RF20 road frame. Our customer story highlights how we here at Predator use new technologies to ensure our business thrives during the pandemic and tough economical challenges.

We were lucky enough to acquire the new Lenovo Thinkstation P620, the only workstation with AMD Threadripper Pro- 3995WX Processor, 64 Cores, 128 Threads in October of 2020. This powerful workstation, paired with the Nvidia RTXA6000 GPU, essentially catapulted our design workflow into speeds we've never experienced before...and believe us, we're familiar with speed over here at Predator! This new system directly effected our once-lengthy prototype timelines and custom product launches.

The seamless integration and acceleration of the workstation and GPU allowed our designers and technicians to multitask as a team throughout the process from concept in Autodesk Fusion 360 to real time simulation in Ansys Discovery to physical manufacturing here in our shop.

“As I find myself deep into the design and simulation process of a component, I can be approached with an editing or simulation update task from the production line without my workflow being disrupted. I can now run concurrent simulations – from topology optimizers to thermal dynamics – all while hosting a video call with a client. As a result, I’ve saved more than 1-2 weeks in design-to-manufacturing turnaround using this workflow.” - Aram Goganian, Predator CEO & Co-Owner

We explored our journey with Lenovo in this customer highlight video.


We were also lucky enough to welcome Chris Ruffo, Lenovo- World Segment Manager, Architecture & Engineering, to our podcast, "Project Breakaway." Check out Episode 8 for our discussion about the Lenovo Thinkstation P620!


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