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Carbon Repair Kit

What Comes in your Kit:
  • (1) bottle of epoxy (See instructions for volume ratio, pot life)
  • (1) bottle of hardener (See instructions for volume ratio, pot life)
  • (2) plastic mixing cups
  • (1) pair of Nitrile gloves
  • Sandpaper:
    • (1) 3″x 5″ 120 wet/dry
    • (1) 3″ x 5″ 220 wet/dry
    • (1) 3″ x 5″ 320 wet/dry
  • (2) acetone / alcohol sanitizing wipes
  • (1) 2 yards heat compression tape
  • (1) 5.8oz - 3K, 2x2 Twill Carbon Fiber Fabric Weave, 6 in x 12 in
  • (1) printed instructional guide
  • (1) web link to video instruction, 3-part series

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DIY Carbon Repair

Cracked or damaged carbon fiber bike frame? We know that professional repair costs can be expensive! Predator Cycling™ offers a cost-effective, all-encompassing DIY (at-home) Carbon Repair Kit. Packed with top-of-the-line supplies, our kit allows the crafty cyclist to repair their small to medium crack(s) in a jiffy!

Repair KIt

Once you purchase and receive your Predator DIY Carbon Repair Kit, we encourage you to check out our instructional video to help assist you in performing your DIY repair. We don't believe a small crack should hinder your riding time. As always, for larger, more comprehensive carbon frame damage, we encourage you to seek out a professional for a quote. Please be sure to leave us a review here on our product page!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great kit!

This is an excellent kit that came with everything I needed to get back on the road. My suggestion is watch all predators videos and watch them again. Then take your time and follow instructions. Great kit.

Glad I went ahead with this!

I do have to echo the comment below (or will it be above?) me, shipping was incredibly fast!

The area I was looking to repair was a small crack on the underside of my top tube. I think people could argue a lot about how dangerous this actually is, but I had it for almost a year and the crack never grew; I deemed that I was pretty fortunate it was not more of a load bearing area (relatively speaking), but I needed to do something.

I found the kit through a quick Google search. I might've been able to go cheaper or even individually scrap together the materials I needed for less, but I had no experience with carbon fiber repair so that would be foolish, even for me. The existence of the video went a long way in convincing me that this kit and process was something I could take at face value.

As far as difficulty goes,on a technical level it's extremely easy. To get a nice finish, I think having an eye for symmetry and alignment is going to help a lot, and most importantly in my case, I wish I had a mount for my bike so I could view the application from multiple angles without having to move my bike. Artistry over mechanic's sense will help you more than anything, in my opinion, with getting a good result.

After completing the repair, I was extremely happy to find that I couldn't deform the tube by squeezing it anymore, it feels rock solid! The only con really is that I need to figure out how to conceal/integrate the carbon fiber threads with my bike's original appearance.

Michael Johansen
Great Repair Kit

First off, thank you for the fast shipping! The kit got to me in one day and I started my repair that evening. I had a small crack on the rear chain stay and it was actually an easier fix than what I expected. The kit had everything I needed and I saved a lot of money and down time versus sending the bike in and waiting for a repair. I was able to get out on the road 2 days later which was great (I don’t have a second bike unfortunately). Thanks


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