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    by Aram Goganian July 24, 2010 2 min read


    As most of you know there are very little options when it comes to Track Bottom Brackets. So we took it upon ourselves to trick what we thought was the best one on the market. We went ahead and built our rebuilt a Dura-Ace BB-7700. We started with removing all the seals, polishing all the bearing contact spots, taking out any play, hardening all the metal and then mixing our own 100% snythetic multi viscosity oil. We did do a couple of other things but sorry I'm not going to share that. We tested many different setups to see how they would hold up and found this setup to spin great and hold up pretty well.  The removal of the seals can be problematic for people using them on outdoor tracks. If a rider is interested in using this set up outdoors we can leave the seals intact. We did them with both ceramic and stainless steel bearings. We found the ceramic spun a little faster but they did wear out faster due to the fact there are no seals and dirt contamination could get into the unit.  For the big strong guys, we did get the play out the internal races on the axle which makes the bearing wear more evenly and we feel should make it stiffer.  This bottom bracket was not intended for everyday use it's for race day use as there are no seals.  We supply you with our oil that should be the only oil used on this track bottom bracket.  The oil we use is different then other oils found in the bike world if you use our oil with most other oils it will no longer protect the bearings will heat up and destroyed them selves. If you have any questions about our low drag track bottom bracket don't hesitate to comment, e-mail or call!
    Aram Goganian
    Aram Goganian

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