Predator Cycling's ErgoBike

March 11, 2011 0 Comments

We are very happy to announce our newest product, the ErgoBike.  Co-developed with Adam Duvendeck of Momentum Coaching Group,  the ErgoBike is ideal for performance- and competition-minded riders dissatisfied with the lack of consistent resistance and road feel available from many stationary trainers currently available for sale. Through our use of a finned resistance unit, Predator’s ErgoBike is able to achieve very consistent loads, lending a feel which more closely approximates the feel of riding a bike outside on the pavement. The ErgoBike is designed to be a rock solid, everyday training tool. Here are a few specs:

  • Wide range of frame adjustment (equivalent to a 47cm to 63cm frame size) means that the ErgoBike will fit a majority of riders
  • Equipped with a front brake to simulate standing starts
  • Use your own bar and stem so it feels more like your own bike
  • 20 levels of adjustable resistance under full load
  • Setup with a freewheel
  • Provides a wide range of consistent-feeling resistance and is upgradable if more resistance is required
  • Shimano 105 drivetrain components and the Ritchey adjustable seatpost perform well and are easily serviced or replaced
  • The fully-welded 4130 Chromoly steel frame is strong, extremely rigid and made in the USA
  • 2” fully-adjustable gliders reduce sliding and rocking on all floor types
  • Compatible with most cranks on the market, options from 165mm to 180mm are available (also available without cranks should the customer wish to use or source their own)
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant powder coated frame is easy to clean and will withstand exposure to sweat, water, energy drinks, etc.
  • Affordable retail price of $2,500
Don't take our word for it. Here's what Adam Duvendeck, co-founder of Momentum Coaching Group says about the ErgoBike: “Throughout my career I have had access to the best equipment for both training and racing.  Some of it is too expensive to buy and therefore only Olympic Training Centers and similar institutions are able to purchase it.  Other equipment is made specifically for certain teams or individuals and only they have access to it.  This might be great for riders who have access to such equipment, but what about the riders who do not? As I’ve made the transition from a competitor to a coach one thing that continually disappoints me is the selection of trainers that can truly provide a great feel, and provide the proper and consistent resistance for track riders.  Sprinters especially have this problem with finding a training tool that can replicate the type of resistance needed for maximal efforts.  It is this very issue that caused me to reach out to Predator Cycling.  For the past year Predator Cycling and Momentum Coaching Group have been collaborating on the development of an ergo that is influenced by the best equipment that I had the opportunity to use.  What we have ended up with is, a current and much needed training tool that will be an invaluable component to riders wishing to improve.” Future Options to Include:
  • Power Meter
  • Rear Leg Extension
  • Remote Shifter Mount
The ErgoBike was designed by racers, built by racers, to be used by racers! The ErgoBike is now available for purchase here.

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