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    by Aram Goganian September 06, 2011 2 min read


    Predator Cycling is pleased to announce a brand new carbon fiber masterpiece, called simply the Road. Each and every Road frame is built right here in our Santa Monica facility in Southern California. Replacing the Carbon SL, the Road uses our new "Trifecta" layup process. The Predator Road is all about speed, stiffness and lightweight, featuring a Pressfit BB30 bottom bracket shell, optional 1.125" to 1.5" integrated tapered head tube, and an integrated 34.9 (OD) seat mast.

    What Makes it Unique?

    Predator Cycling is one of the first bicycle manufacturers in the world to use a 3D carbon lay-up in all of the joints. We call this our "Trifecta" process, which uses the highest grades of raw carbon fiber and the finest epoxies that we can put our hands on.. Each joint is laid with three different types of bond—one on top of each other—which is what gives the frame its strength and durability. Unidirectional carbon fiber is applied first, then each joint is wrapped and lastly coated with a final layer. Through this layup process, Predator's Road frame features both chemical and mechanical bonds in every single joint, maximizing the stiffness, strength and durability, while allowing for a lighter frame weight (approximately 950g for a 56cm frame).

    What's Up With the Name?

    When considering a name, Aram and the team at Predator decided on a simple approach. One road bike model, many options. Instead of a nine bike lineup at different price points, Predator offers one road model—made to perfection—the only way that we know how. "Since there's only one model, why go crazy with a name?" said Aram Goganian, owner of Predator Cycling. "We kept coming back to this simple approach. Call it what it is." Predator's Road model will be followed by new releases in the Track and Cyclocross categories. Each frame will utilize the "Trifecta" layup process. More information to follow on lead times and availability for other models.


    The Predator Road has it all. Strength. Speed. Stiffness. Lightweight. Oh, and something you can't get from the folks at the big bike companies: a completely custom fit. To crib the folks over at Lexus, the Predator Road is our take on the "relentless pursuit of perfection". Available beginning late September 2011, the MSRP on the Predator Road will start at $3,995 for a fully custom frame. Many frame options will be available, including an integrated seat mast, Di2 wiring and battery placement and much more! Build kits from SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo are available as well. For questions regarding build and spec, please contact Predator Cycling at (323) 418-2726.
    Aram Goganian
    Aram Goganian

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