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2012 California State Championship for Track racing

by Aram Goganian July 23, 2012 1 min read


On Saturday July 21st, 2012 the San Diego Velodrome hosted the 2012 Souther California/Nevada State Championships for Track Cycling. Aram Goganian, Hernan Montenegro and Tim McGee from Team Predator Cycling made the trip to participate and attempt to win a few State championship titles. the team competed in three different events: Team Sprint, Match sprint and Keirin. The Team Sprint for Predator Cycling consisted of Hernan Montenegro as opener, Aram Goganian as man 2 out and Tim McGee as closer.  Originally that was not the order we were going to race in, but after our man 3 for the original line up got injured 2 days before the event, we had to come up with a plan B. Even though I never participated in a team time trial in an event like State Championships, I  volunteered to race and fill in at the very last minute. We had to change the order, Aram and Tim knew I had a good start so I  became the new opener. We knew our team wasn't the strongest but we train together all the time and we know each other well to execute fast and well performed Team Sprint. With a time of  1:12 Predator Cycling made a good enough time to be crowned 2012 Team Sprint State Champion. Tim McGee qualified 1st for the match sprints with an 11.6 flying 200. Tim won the final match sprint very strong and aggressively against Ritte Racing's Jack Lindquist, making him the 2012 California Elite State Champion for Match Sprints. Tim also had an amazing performance in the Keirin event, taking the gold with him again and winning every event he participated in.

Aram Goganian
Aram Goganian

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