The Predator Keirin Classic Coming Up August 8th, You're Coming, Right?

July 13, 2012 0 Comments

As amazing as last year's Predator Keirin Race was, this year's is going to be so much better.

What's happening?

Taking place just one day after the Olympic Keirin Race in London, come race or watch live The Predator Keirin Classic on Wednesday, August 8th at the Encino Velodrome, first race starts at 7pm. This is international style Keirin racing, just like the Olympic event, plus even the cheap (well free) seats get a great up close and personal view of the race.

The Prizes

We've upped all the prizes, we're giving away more than ever, over $1000 in prizes, that includes over $600 in cash prizes only and not just for category A either, scratch racers will also have a chance to win some cold-heart cash. Plus FSA is coming out with some product, just make sure you go home extra happy. This is a co-ed event, girls and guys all together, come show off your mad cycling skills.

Showing some spectator love

Spectators are encouraged, expected to attend, no prizes for you,  but no entrance fees and the chance to get your hands on the elusive, always out of stock Predator t-shirts. But it's not all the excitement of the race, spectators will get an opportunity to win a little money, we follow all the customs of the Japanese race and that includes encouraging gambling. Place your bets in the stands before each race, now that's class.


Registration opens at 6:30pm, scratch racers are up first, get here early if you're racing scratch. Races start at 7pm.

Feed me

Come hungry, looks like we're going to be selling some Argentina BBQ this year, we're here to do our best to satisfy the crowds.


Say you're coming on our facebook events page and invite your friends cyclist and non-cyclist alike.


Full Keirin tournament Category A, B, C Open category 10 mile scratch race

Cash Prize Details

Category A Cash Prizes $300 for 1st $150 for 2nd $50 for 3rd Scratch Race Cash Prizes $50 for 1st $30 for 2nd $20 for 3rd UPDATE: After a long discussion with various racers, it's official, there's a 92" gear restriction for Category A.

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