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Predator Announces Elite Team

by Aram Goganian September 25, 2012 2 min read


The rumors are true, we've been sitting on this a long time, and we finally started spreading the word this last weekend at InterBike, Team Predator is coming out for the 2013 season. Elite Cycling Team Team Predator is a promising, fully-funded elite cycling team, competing in the NCC and USA crits series, at the national-level. Most of the elite riders have already been recruited, but we are still holding off on the official name announcements, although there are rumors out. All we can say is that some of them are true, and that the team members are a well rounded mix of international talent, including multiple NRC and UCI race winners. Predator Title Sponsorship  Predator Cycling is taking the slot as the title sponsor, providing frames and majors, and anything else we make, the official list of product sponsors rounds out with blank for blank, blank for blank, and blank for blank. (There are still a few more open opportunities available, if anyone wants to throw a little product our way.) Membership Based Team We're also excited to announce an all-inclusive club level/development portion of the team, this is open to the public. With your annual dues, you'll receive your membership, a brand new Team Predator kit,  and the ability to say and show that you are a Predator. National Race Schedule 2013 We're excited about the elite team's year to come, we plan on starting the year as real competitors on the national cycling level. So far our planned race schedule for 2013 includes the following:

  • Presbyterian Hospital Invitational Criterium
  • Athens Twilight (speed week)
  • Dana Point
  • Saint Francis Tulsa Tough
  • Harlem Skyscraper Criterium
  • Manhattan Beach Grand Prix
  • Exergy Twilight
  • Old Pueblo Grand Prix
  • Tour de Grove
  • Iron Hill Twilight
Coming Up The coming year with Team Predator also means more opportunities for events, crazy videos, rides, social media explosion, and anything else we can think of.  Stayed tuned for great stuff coming out in the next year.
Aram Goganian
Aram Goganian

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