Episode 005: Interbike Prep & Our Jousting Future at Exalibur

August 29, 2014 0 Comments

This week on the Predator Feed Zone podcast the gang comes back from the dead after an exhausting week of shop remodeling. Nissy only managed to almost kill Courtney once with a falling tool. Aram may have cured his aching body with electroshock therapy (i.e. hey, that wire is still hot), and shop dog Charlie came away a champion against a nail riddled 2x4 plank. All-in-all, we survived a grueling week of wall building, wire running, sand blasting fun. Our new remodel should definitely help us streamline future hand-made bike building as well as some other "hush-hush" carbon goodies coming your way soon. Today, we sat down and munched on some delicious podcast Tacos Por Favor (Santa Monica) while discussing the sad developments of an on-duty LA  police officer and cycling Ex-Exec of Napster's deadly Mulholland Drive bike accident, a new self-locking bike frame called the Yerka Project, and we get all hyped up for Interbike, the U.S.'s  largest bike retailer convention in Vegas. After booking at The Exalibur Hotel & Casino, the gang has chosen to embrace the medieval hand they have been dealt and are requesting donations of armor, lances, and turkey legs. In the wise word of our own Nissy Cobb, " I am looking for chainmaille and boffers so that WE can go LARPing through the city and throughout all the booths."  Catch us at Interbike 2014 in two weeks...or don't...odds are, we'll catch you.

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