Episode 006.2: Interbike Recap 2014

September 15, 2014 0 Comments


Hi again! This past week the gang, and pretty much the entire United States cycling community, descended upon Las Vegas for the yearly Interbike trade show at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Although this year's Interbike seemed to pale in comparison to years past, we still had a great time seeing old friends, making new friends, and losing the feeling in our legs after walking two days straight. Pins and needles, pins and needles!

On Day 1 we meandered through the beginning of the trade show floor, weaving in and out of rows collecting all sorts of pamphlets, cards, and samples. There were a few clever interactive booths offering power meter readings, custom bag engravings, collapsable bike timing races, etc. And of course, free samples and swag; stickers, pens, water bottles, bags, food, and beer. We said "Hi" to our friends at BikeFit, Canari, FSA, and more. The night ended at CrossVegas in which Nissy and Courtney did not enter, thankfully.

1st day posing

By Day 2 we started off early, anxiously visiting the remaining booths on the convention floor. We checked out most of the apparel booths in the Italia zone, then the GoPro and Sony areas, and spent a long time at EVT playing with their brilliant adaptations of essential mechanics' tools. We would quickly like to thank our friends at BikeFit and Paul Swift for a lovely Pan-Asian dinner and bountiful amounts of Sake. We then headed to the start of the Alley Cat Race in front of the Luxor, but sitting on a fake lion waiting for a start time gets cumbersome after a long day. Nissy headed out to what I hear was a great metal show by a band local to Portland, while Aram and Courtney rode the fickle waves of the slot machines. We won about enough to cover breakfast Friday morning. We didn't stay for the consumer day and instead headed back to LA....where we recorded a wonderful Interbike podcast roundup somewhere in the middle of the desert between Vegas and Barstow. HOWEVER, because the drought ridden desert highway of California hates us, that podcast was lost forever due to a malfunction. (Courtney probably hit a button she shouldn't have.) This podcast recaps that podcast and has lovingly been named Episode 6.2. Listen in on our review of the best and worst booths, highlights, and let downs. Let us know what you loved at Interbike. Give us a shout on Twitter, @PredFeedZone.

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