Predator's Summer Shop Remodel

September 24, 2014 0 Comments

This past August, the team decided to remodel the shop in an attempt to create a more streamlined workflow for the upcoming 2015 season. We gathered our friends and family to help assist us reorganize, build, and expand. We increased our square footage by building a second story storage space above a newly designed sanding room. We're now able to lift unused machinery and supplies off of the ground. Elevating unused items has massively increased our work spaces. We re-organized our shipping and our "craft" area (vinyl stickers/apparel/design). Planned space has been set aside for future machinery purchases in 2015, while the office got a face lift with a kitchenette shelf and door. (Minimizing the noise from the shop will help us hear our customers better!) We thank all of our volunteers for making Predator Cycling a happier work space! 

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