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  • Episode 008: World TT Championship Roundup & Nissy's 8th Grade Picture

    by Aram Goganian September 26, 2014 1 min read



    Howdy again listeners! In Episode 008 we discuss the World Championships. Bradley Wiggins smashed apart the men's race with a time of 56:25:52, giving Tony Martin a run for his money. We also discussed the Women's TT Individual and team races, as well as the men's individual with BMC's first place finish.Men's 2014 TT Champion

    Men's 2014 TT Champion[/caption] The UCI recently announced a new doping tribunal that will take effect Jan. 1, 2015, the Truth & Reconciliation Commission. I'm sure we'll hear more about this new venture throughout the upcoming season while we discuss it around the table in our own Taco & Guacamole Podcast Commission. Lastly, we round out the podcast with a brief nod to the 17th Asian Games that took place in Incheon, South Korea. Inspiring Iranian cyclist, Mohammed Daneshvarknourran, took 1st place in the Keirin race at age 21. Among the enormous feat of beating Malaysian defending Champion Azizul Awang, Mohammed also earned a special pass our of mandatory military service in his country. Both a physical and mental moment of achievement.

    Iranian rider Mohammed Daneshvarknourran

    Iranian rider Mohammed Daneshvarknourran[/caption]   If you stick around until the end, we find Nissy's middle school picture and harass her for sh*ts and giggles. Have a great weekend!   P.S. As promised in the podcast, below is a link to Competitive Cyclist to save $$$ off all purchases!

    Aram Goganian
    Aram Goganian

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