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  • A Predator Amongst the Wolf Pack Gran Prix

    by Aram Goganian September 29, 2014 3 min read


     Wolf Pack Hustle cycling organization. In conjunction with Wolf Pack's "Unified Title Series," the Gran Prix highlights local cyclists drag racing one-on-one from a standing-start position.

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    Wolfpack Hustle Gran Prix[/caption] Each athlete races to cover 300 meters in the shortest amount of time. Nissy faced off against 16 qualifying female competitors, clinching first place within seconds from Lindsay Nelson and Jordan Ellison who placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. We asked Nissy a few questions about her time at the Gran Prix.

    Predator Cycling: How long have you been involved with Wolf Pack?

    Nissy: I have participated in 3 Wolfpack Hustle races. The first was the HP Gran Prix Drag Race last year, I competed in the Shortline Crit earlier this year and just competed in the HP GP Drag Race on Saturday.

    PC: You got first place in the women's Gran Prix race. What place did you get last year?

    NThis year I was defending my title for the HP Gran Prix Drag Race. Last year I won over the amazing Jo Celso, she is the overall unified series winner.

    PC: What gear did you use?


    Nissy 1st Place

    NThat's a personal question...

    PC: How was your competition?

    NThe competition was good. I was really happy to see so many women show up. I was especially stoked for so many Jr. Women participating. Manerva from Major Motion came out to race and Jordan Ellison who has only been racing for maybe 9 months and dominating on the track. Look out for her in the future! Lindsay Nelson was probably my biggest competition for the night. She has been doing well on the track and I knew to watch out for her. She put up a fantastic fight.

    PC: Are you planning on racing next year in the race?

    NThis is a really fun event and I love that it is helping to grow the sport of cycling, improve bicycle safety and get more women involved.

    PC: What was your favorite prize from the podium?

    NMy favorite prize was definitely the money because I needed that to help cover rent, no joke! Aside from that the Fly6 taillight is something I have been interested in. It's a light that doubles as a camera to capture any aggressive drivers that may be coming up behind you or capture action from your friends riding around you. I might test it out on the track

    PC: What do you want to improve upon in the coming season?

    N: My goal is always to get stronger and faster. I hope to continue to learn from my experiences and improve everyday.

    PC: How is the LA bike scene different from the Portland scene that you came from?

    NMy first introduction into the underground LA bike scene was at the HP Grand Prix last year. In Portland I would show up to unsanctioned/underground races in jeans and a t-shirt. Typically these are events put on just for fun and to bring the community closer together... Or just because. We would all show up wearing whatever from work that day or sitting on the couch or what we commuted there in. Converse shoes, jeans, some nerdy bike related t-shirt and a helmet. Simple. I showed up to this Wolfpack race expecting the same but everyone was wearing skin-suits with aero helmets and disc wheels. They were on legit bikes and warming up on trainers. I was shocked. All I had was my steel commuter bike with thrashed wheels that were in desperate need of servicing and some cutoff jeans. I felt so out of place. I jumped in and did it anyway. I was really happy to come out on top. It was a fun event and I am glad I had to opportunity to participate again. Big thanks to Roadblock for getting me in!

    Aram Goganian
    Aram Goganian

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