Episode 017: Black Friday Chatters & Random Cycling Matters

November 28, 2014 0 Comments

Happy Belated Thanksgiving and a Happier Black Friday, I'm sure you are all exhausted from early morning discount shopping, over-zealous crowds, and food court pizza. Go, take your well-deserved nap. But when you wake up, flip on your phones, ipads, and computers and take a listen to Episode 017, a Black Friday cycling hodgepodge. Track racer Dana Feiss is back at the shop to join in on our lively conversations covering the unexpected death of HED founder Steve Hed, Lance shenanigans at the Beer Mile World Championship Qualifier, orphan Chris Horner's search for a new home team, and more! We're all stuffed with turkey, so excuse us for the holiday chatter. Hope you all have a great weekend! Work off those extra pounds and get on your bikes! ~Gobble Gobble

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