Custom Carbon Hybrid Cruiser / Commuter For 2015

December 12, 2014 0 Comments

First-time Predator customer, Jacke B, is anxiously awaiting her custom carbon cruiser / commuter bike that is currently being manufactured here at our shop. We asked her a few questions about why she chose Predator and what she is looking forward to with her new bike.

Predator: Jacke, why did you prefer to go the custom build route rather than off-the-shelf from a store?

Jacke: After riding bikes for two years with my fiance who rides a Predator bike, I finally said, (as he rode circles around me for the 50th time) "I want to try out that bike. NOW". So I did. It was just so unfair. For two years, I've been working 5 times harder as someone 5-times my level of fitness. And I still didn't lose any weight (riding my bike). There are bikes that retail for similar pricing; so why not get one that fits (custom), and is exactly what I want. I am so going to be the coolest elderly biker out there! Not to mention the flat black with glossy black detailing I've chosen as a custom finish..

Predator: How often do you ride and what are your goals for future riding?

Jacke: I ride sporadically. Sometimes I ride to work, 5 miles. Sometimes my evil friend talks me into a sponsored bike ride (the most searing memory was 35 miles, I was actually OK the first 23 miles of it). I am not embarrassed to walk my bike up a hill. The ride I've done since '99 is the 12ish miles from Foster park into Ojai. It is my test of fitness. Sometimes I huff and puff, sometimes I can conversate the entire way. Future goals are to ride to work, lose lots of weight, sell my car & do everything from the bike, and be part of a triathlon team for seniors.

Predator: What did you think of the pre-fit process and measuring prior to the build?

Jacke: It was nice. We found there was too much pressure on my hands. Aram was very good about working with someone with beginner arthritis. By incorporating push button levers for gear shifting, it is easier for me to use and I can shift even at a standstill! It saves my hands that hurt AND you don't know how many times I've stopped at a light and forget to prepare the gears.

Predator: What are you most excited about your Predator?

Jacke: By having a custom build by Predator, I know that it is going to be the best possible bike for me and my riding style.

Please check out these pics of Jacke's bike during construction before it was sent to paint. Jacke's finished bike will be highlighted on our website soon!

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