Episode 019: UCI In 2015, Mixed Gender Olympics, Say What?

December 12, 2014 0 Comments

Hi All, While Nissy blasts 80's music here at Predator Headquarters, I'll quickly give you an update about Episode 019 of "Feed Zone." We begin by discussing newly used E-Derny, zero emissions bikes, at the Track World Cup and the complaints of ruined racing atmosphere versus actually killing the atmosphere. The UCI is being advised by the International Olympic Committee to rev up more interest in track racing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Do you think mixed-gender racing events are the way to go? Also, Astana slipped in at the last minute and got a provisional World Tour license, while Europcar just couldn't find the funding. WADA makes some hard core changes to doping ban length and the current USA Cycling CEO says "Adios" in 2015. Our intern Don also joins us halfway through the podcast and drops his nuggets. Enjoy!

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