Episode 034: Movin' On Up: We're Back...And in The Valley!

May 22, 2015 0 Comments


Hello loyal listeners! You may have been wondering, "where the heck did Feed Zone go?" Well, fear not. We're back! Now up and running in our new valley location at 8900 Eton Ave. in Canoga Park, CA. We've spent the last month using our super bulky arms to literally gut our old location, pack heavy heavy things, and trek across the mountain to our new digs. We've traded in our little ol' garage for a larger, cleaner, awesome-er (is that a word?) industrial workshop. Below are a few pictures from our move. Episode 034 welcomes the gang back from our hiatus and we discuss the recent Tour of California, the current Giro d'Italia, and the future USA Road Championships. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the new ride with us.

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