Oldies but Goodies! Cross and Road Frame Retirements in 2020

Oldies but Goodies! Cross and Road Frame Retirements in 2020

March 09, 2020 0 Comments

All good things must come to an end ... but every ending is a new beginning! Okay...okay, we'll stop with the weepy clichés and get to the point.

For the past two years, Predator has been working excruciatingly hard on many new manufacturing process techniques. Grueling hours have been spent on testing, failing, re-imaging, altering, studying, reflecting, and....well you get the point. We think we've finally perfected the right amalgamation of design, technology, material, and assembly to create a pretty great product.

So, with the soon-to-be released pre-sale of a new road frame, we've retired our previous custom road bike and cross bike purchase options from our online store.

Soon after the release of our road frame, we'll be comin' at ya with new and long awaited handlebar components followed by more frame options. We look forward to re-establishing Predator Cycling and introducing some pretty sensational carbon fiber tech in 2020! 


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