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    by Aram Goganian June 12, 2012 2 min read


    We are many things here at Predator, but we are not a "one size fits all" company. It is fitting that our customers are not either.  So when we got the call for an everyday road bike with disc brakes, we said cool, and yeah, we can do that. We took a few photos to add to our portfolio taken by one of my teammates, Sammy Hatae.  Here they are.

    How it started

    Our friend Devin came to us a few months ago with a specific request; he wanted to ride a carbon fiber road bike for his daily 20 mile commute in Seattle, WA.  Seattle is a city known for having rough roads and of course rain; lots and lots of rain.  On top of all that this was his very first road bike.  We had to build something comfortable and practical that could fit his lifestyle.

    The everyday ride

    Since he is more of a casual rider, we went for a more relaxed geometry than the average Predator; allowing him to have a more upright position on the road bike, with a smoother set up and a slightly more stable bike.  Because he is not going to be competing in the traditional sense, we also opted to fit up to a larger 35 c tires, and of course the disc brakes for greater stopping power in the rain, well that and plus disc brakes just give it a really cool look.  This past year disc brakes have been a topic for debate, in general we do not push them for most of our bikes but in this case it was the perfect opportunity.  Devin is no small guy at over 6'4", and with lots of rain riding he'll be able to take advantage of all the major benefits of disc brakes. The disc brakes also add more space to clear bigger tires, if he should so choose to change.

    Some Specs for you

    • Full Carbon Road bike 
    • Enve tapered Disc fork
    • Press Fit 30 BB
    • Sram Red group with Force FD
    • Avid BB7 Disc Brakes
    • Custom built wheels Sram hubs, DT swiss Rim 28 front and rear, and Wheel Smith spokes double butted
    • SLK Cranks, Stem and Bars
    • Continental Four Season 28 tires
    The look of copper with the weight of carbon = Awesome! For the color, we had a little fun and went for something a little more rare, a sort of dulled copper, should help make it stand out a little more, not that a Predator would need any extra effort to stand out! If you are lucky enough to catch up with Devin in Seattle, take a look at the bike in the sun when the sun comes out.  It does something special. My favorite feature of this bike and the most time consuming feature on it is the seat stay/seat tube junction. We here are very proud and feel this bike is beautiful. Interested in getting an everyday commuter, disc brakes or just pitching us an idea for a custom carbon fiber bike that best fits your lifestyle? send an email our way!
    Aram Goganian
    Aram Goganian

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