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Predator Internal Di2 Cabling for Liquigas Frame

by Aram Goganian June 22, 2012 2 min read


Predator was lucky enough to take on a Di2 cabling internalization project  for one of the team Liquigas bikes that was to be signed by many of their team's riders. The team members captured on photo signing the bike include Peter Sagan, Vincenzo Nibali, Ted King, and Timothy Duggan. In the first photo of Ted King signing the bike, you can just make out where the cabling has come out from and where the battery is stored on the down tube, next to the bottom bracket. Show your bike a little love, internalize your Di2 cabling. Rather than covering your bike in exposed cables, ruining your lines, steal back the original look you invested in, internalize your electronic gear-shifting system. Internalizing routing cables, is one of the many services we offer at Predator. We currently offer this service for the Shimano Di2 system, and we are excited to announce we're just about to start internalizing the Campy Electronic Power Shift (EPS) as well. Just what is it you're going to do to my girl? To retrofit your bike frame, we'll drill holes, run the wires, repair the holes, and reinforce the frame where necessary, we can also take off cable stops and match paint jobs, we're a custom bike shop, we'll do what we can to make your bike look like it did day 1. Unblock your Water Bottle We also offer services to  internalize your battery pack or can mount it underneath the bottom bracket or underneath the chain stay, rather than keeping it attached to your water bottle cage, where it's easily nice and convenient, and easily accessible to you while riding. Getting Started Interested in stealing back your bike's looks by internalizing your bicycle's electronic gear shift's cabling and battery?  Get started by filling out our contact sheet.

Aram Goganian
Aram Goganian

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