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Team Predator

Team Predator is a fully-funded elite cycling team, competing in the 2013 NCC and USA crits series, at the national-level.
The founding team members are a well-rounded mix of international talent, including multiple NRC and UCI race winners.
The Team’s 2013 lineup include Joshua Carter, Emile Abraham, Sergio Hernandez, Jean-Michel Lachance, Daniel Ramsey, Ricky Escuela, and Cesar Grajales.

What Races can you see us at

Team Predator plans on doing these races
  • Presbyterian Hospital Invitational Criterium
  • Athens Twilight (speed week)
  • Dana Point
  • Saint Francis Tulsa Tough
  • Harlem Skyscraper Criterium
  • Manhattan Beach Grand Prix
  • Exergy Twilight
  • Old Pueblo Grand Prix
  • Tour de Grove
  • Iron Hill Twilight

Join Team Predator

This is your chance, join the pack,
Team Predator is also an all-inclusive club level/development team, open to the public, sign up is available now.
With your $300 annual dues, you’ll receive your team membership, a brand new 2013 Team Predator kit, and the ability to say and show that you are a Predator. You also get access to our Team Predator section of the site where you can find all kinds of good stuff


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